Data Soft Logic

Data Soft Logic Corporation a partner of NewMediaix Corporation is a premiere home health software service provider and software solution developer. Though just established in 2003, the company has more than 20 years of combined experience in Technology and Healthcare. Today, because we still share the same vision and passion, our drive to pursue excellence in software service solutions and innovations continue to yield success.

Improve Patient Outcomes to Prepare for P4P
HHCentre prepares the Home Health Agency with its proactive patient, caregiver, and facility management solution.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance
HHCentre features several consistency checking tools directed by HIPAA and operational know-how of veteran facility managers and caregivers. The solution is driven by best practices that make it easy, efficient and cost-effective to manage patient history, events and staff.

Enhanced Security
HHCentre features multiple levels of operational and technical security measures to ensure confidence in adherance to HIPAA standards.

Maximize Reimbursement
Several reports, workflow-driven tasks, and claim management tools aim to reduce claim denial and maximize reimburents. Built-in deficiency management tools ensure OASIS and HIPAA 837 electronic filings are submitted flawlessly.

Enhanced Productivity
Standardized task and workflow modules ensure day-to-day tasks are completed and are at the forefront of the management staff.

Facility and Caregiver Management
Ensure your facility's caregivers possess valid certifications and licenses.